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JediOrder Territories

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Will be updated when major events transpire within #JediOrder's Roleplay held within the corresponding chatroom.

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This entry is related to the story in our chatroom #JediOrder

After months of uncertainty regarding the Republic and both Sith Empires, we received a piece of information today that may very well change the face of the war, and of our Galaxy once again.
One of our sources claim that the Sith Empire is now united under a single ruler, and that both Dark Lords of the Sith have been dispatched. This news sent a tremor though the Republic Senate as well as through the many systems involved in the current war.

    War in our Galaxy has been raging for a long time already, started by a few systems in the Outer Rim that decided to leave the Republic without much of an explanation. As time passed, more systems joined their cause until the Sith Empire revealed itself and started the hostilities against the Republic.
The Jedi were tasked with conducting the war effort as Jedi Grand Master Corrin Ilessar took control of the Republic armies. The situation became even more complicated when the Sith Empire underwent a major schism after Darth Orexis’s death (previous Dark Lord) at the hands of Master Ilessar.
The Sith were divided, both factions lead by self-proclaimed Dark Lords Darth Renatka and Darth Agrona, who once were apprentices to a previous Dark Lord Darth Caduceus.

    When asked about this, Supreme Chancellor Asklepios commented that a unification of the Sith was good news for the Republic: “It means that we can now focus our effort on a single front, which will allow us to end this war even sooner than we hoped.” The Chancellor said in a press conference earlier this morning. He added that even though the Sith Empire was a single, bigger block now, it was also weakened by the long war and would be easier to deal with, but the Republic needed to remain strong and ready. He ended his speech by calling out to separatist and neutral systems to join the Republic in an effort to deal a final blow to the Sith, and to bring peace back to the Republic and the Galaxy as a whole.
    For the time being, it appears both the Republic and the Sith Empire withdrew their troops from the current fighting, and though there was no attempt at any kind of peace treaty, it seems both sides are now taking time to regroup and possibly decide on their next moves.

*** *** ***

    It is unclear how the Sith reunification occurred, but we are in possession of various reports and testimonies giving us a vague idea.
    It appears that Darth Renatka, one of the Dark Lords, sought an audience with known (yet rarely seen in public) Darth Letalis, possibly to obtain her support and reinforce her weakened forces. Letalis was known for keeping a neutral position in the war, refusing to join any of the factions in place. The meeting would have turned sour, as Letalis had a different vision for the Sith as a whole.
    A fight broke out between both Sith Lords, and ultimately Letalis gained the upper hand, forcing Renatka to retreat. Both women are reported to be injured as a consequence of the fight.

    Only a few days before the confrontation, another news had been circulating in the underworld as well as in restricted channels of the Republic. Both Jedi Grand Master Corrin Ilessar and Dark Lord Agrona had been reported Missing In Action during their last battle, and no leads regarding their whereabouts could be found at this point. A source reported that upon hearing the news, Renatka would have been motivated to use this opportunity to take over both the Sith and the Republic at the same time. But she would have needed support and more forces to do so, hence why she would have reached out to Darth Letalis.

    Since then, Darth Letalis has now claimed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith as well as Leader of the Sith Empire. In a communication aired through secured channels in the underworld, Letalis has ordered every Sith of the Galaxy to regroup and swear allegiance to her, promising them a new order and stability for the Sith Empire.
Sources report that even though Letalis has claimed the Dark Throne, she is also instituting a Dark Council to bring structure and organization to the Empire.
More details on this as soon as we have them.

    In the meantime, the Jedi High Council is said to be choosing a new (possibly temporary) Grand Master among themselves, as well as restructuring the other Councils in order to prepare for what they claim are “Dark Times”. Supreme Chancellor Asklepios, whose friendship with missing Grand Master Ilessar is well-known, did not comment about the new Grand Master’s possible identity, but expressed his continued support for the Jedi Order.

    Since those announcements, it seems the Galaxy is in a time of relative peace, but some fear that it is only temporary and that hostilities will resume sooner or later between the Republic and the newly formed Sith Empire.


Characters cited:

- Corrin Ilessar, played by SanguineAngel
- Darth Orexis, played by iwoenai
- Darth Renatka, played by lycansei
- Darth Agrona, played by doggirlinu
- Darth Caduceus, played by Lord-FSan
- Supreme Chancellor Asklepios, played by Lord-FSan
- Darth Letalis, played by Kay-rar
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