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Will be updated when major events transpire within #JediOrder's Roleplay held within the corresponding chatroom.

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This entry is directed toward our members in the chatroom.
Event #6
A Promise of Peace
Holonet-logo-01 by Lord-FSanHolonet-logo-02 by Lord-FSan

Coming to you live from the Holonet News!

We bring you an urgent report in regards to a transmission received only moments ago.
Darth Letalis, current Dark Lord and Empress of the Sith has made an announcement to the Galaxy after five years of silence.

However, before you jump to conclusions hold onto your seats and let's have a look at the holovid.

The message is as follows:

(The screen cuts to a black and slowly the space illuminates to reveal the dark figure of Darth Letalis who is regally perched upon a chair that seems to be made of polished stone. She is clothed in a black gown that that swaths her from her jaw to her ankles with the likeness of ink. Her head is held high and a light-hearted, yet business-like smile adorns her crimson lips and the fire in her eyes blaze as if to fend off the shadows)

"To some of you I am a familiar face, to others I am a stranger, so I would like to officially introduce myself. My name is Darth Letalis, Empress of the Sith Empire, and I would like to extend my personal greetings to all who are watching."

(There is a pause and she shifts her shrouded hands to rest delicately in her lap, her slender fingers slightly overlapping)

"You must all be wondering why I have chosen to address the entire galaxy in this manner, and I will soon explain. This is not "Sith Propaganda" as some of you may be whispering amongst yourselves as I speak, but something I believe should not be kept secret from the public."

(Another pause ensues and the twi'lek woman's eyes narrow, her shoulders squaring themselves, and her chin tilting upwards as if to draw attention.)

"Long before I became the Dark Lord there was much bloodshed between the Republic, the Jedi, and my Empire. We fought endlessly, lives were lost, and mistakes were made by not one, but all sides. Our academy on Ziost was destroyed in the not so distant past, and shall I even mention the battles on Fondor and Kuat? It is needless to say that they were both massacres, but for what purpose? This is why I speak out today."

(The Dark Lord pauses once more, staring out at the audience as if expecting them to reply to her themselves and as she looked on the arch of her brow softened as she spoke.)

"The reason for all of this fighting, war, and animosity is caused by one thing only, and that is misunderstanding. As is the bane of most differing societies. The lack of understanding and the refusal to understand one another is what has kept us separate all of this time. To this I refer to only the Republic and the Emprire. "

(She pauses and crosses her ankles carefully.)

"I speak now to the Jedi. You are believed to be the light to the Sith's dark, the right to our wrong, and the good to our evil, but even before my reign I came to believe that there is only one difference between us as well; the Sith and the Jedi, and that is perspective. We have been fighting over nothing, nothing but ideals and methods for longer than anyone cares to count, and for the sake of the Sith, the Jedi, the Empire, and the Republic I plead with you now to end this foolish fighting."

(She straightened her back again and gestured delicately with one gloved hand toward the audience.)

"I reach out the hand of peace to you now in the hopes that you will take it. As a show of good will, the first step must be taken."

(She stands slowly, her posture strong and sinuous with a commanding air about her as her lekku sway slightly behind her in the shadows.)

"In less than two weeks time I, Darth Letalis, and the members of the Dark Council will arrive at the Senate chambers on Coruscant in the hope of negotiating the terms of a peace treaty with the Republic and with the Jedi, together or separately, while unarmed. I make this promise because we are the generation that needs to fix our future. If we wait, it will only become more difficult to swallow our pride and make amends for the wrongs we've wrought. I realize that centuries of war and hatred cannot so easily be forgotten, but if we allow this to continue, who will be the next innocent to pay for our childish mistakes?"

(As she concludes she nods solemnly as the screen once again slowly faded to black.)

There you have it, straight from the Holonet News!

This is quite the turn of events.
We currently have no reports of any replies sent by the Republic or the current standing Grand Master.
They're probably as speechless as we are.
Could this promise of peace be genuine, or is there perhaps a more sinister message behind the Dark Lord's words?
You'll be the first to know of any ground-breaking developments here, on the Holonet News!

Members of #JediOrder, this is our sixth event in the chatroom. Like all our previous events, it is open to every member and their registered characters.
When does it take place?
This event will take place on Sunday, December 28th around 5:00 P.M. (Mountain time).
(This event may go on for more than one day depending on the outcome)

What's happened?
This event is taking place five years after our last event, The Sith Party. The "time-skip" is made per request from the members, and approval from the administrators. So, keep that in mind as you roleplay and think about what your characters have been doing in this time.

How to participate?
Just jump in the RP, that’s all there is to it really. You can bring in any of your registered characters (characters who have an approved character sheet). At the end of your RP, have one of the players send us a report through note where they describe what happened and which character were involved (please add the usernames going with the characters)

We will periodically post updates in our journal section to let you know what is going on, and a final report once the event is over.

The Objectives:

The objectives are simple:

This is a controversial time in the galaxy, a time of great change, and I'm sure many of your characters have differing opinions regarding this matter. Have an opinion and make it known.
Just like with any decision there will be people that agree and people that disagree with their own reasons for doing so.
Socialize, meet new people, make friends, make enemies, but most of all GET INVOLVED!
How will your character(s) react when everything that they've ever known is threatening to crumble? Threatening to change, for better or for worse?
This is about you guys and what you think~
Let's hear it! .u.
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